Media Presence

The comprehensiveness of our databases, the quality of our tariff comparisons and our market expertise are valued not only by millions of website visitors. Verivox also offers an extensive information service for journalists. Our industry experts provide free information on current price developments and market-related topics upon request, including tariff comparison tables and market background information.

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Our data is focused on energy, telecommunication, insurance and finance rates, and we are a trusted and valued source of information for news agencies such as Reuters, AFP and dpa. Many newspapers and magazines such as Die Welt, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Stern regularly work with Verivox to keep their readers informed. We are also available for live commentary on television and radio, and we make regular appearances on ARD, ZDF, RTL, Hitradio FFH and other broadcast stations. In addition, we regularly feature on online portals such as Focus Online, T-Online, Yahoo and MSN news.