Company Profile

Verivox GmbH was founded in Heidelberg in 1998. About 330 employees work in Heidelberg, Berlin, Augsburg, Linden, Zurich and Lucerne to ensure a smooth provider switch for our customers. Since its founding, Verivox has successfully advised millions of readers and helped more than 8 million consumers to switch their provider. Solely by switching their provider, Verivox customers have already saved more than 1 billion euro.


Our price comparisons and services are free of charge for consumers. Verivox earns money through commissions from partners, advertising on the website and the sale of comprehensive market and tariff studies.

Numerous companies reduce their sales costs as Verivox assists in the switching process by registering and editing customer details. For each successful switch Verivox receives a commission from the respective provider.

Consumers always pay the provider's original price - without any additional charges. Furthermore, commission payments do not affect acceptance into our database or the display order in the tariff comparison – the price is the only decisive factor in tariff calculations.


Revenue 2014: € 82 million
Employees: 330 in Heidelberg, Berlin, Augsburg, Linden, Zurich and Lucerne
Visits February 2016: 15.7 million (Verivox group)
Brokered contracts Over 8 million (Verivox group)
Listed tariffs: Over 29,000 (energy, telecommunications, insurance, finance)



Company Presentation by Chris Öhlund, CEO of Verivox at the NOAH 2014 Conference in London: