At present, our product portfolio includes not only price comparisons for gas, electricity as well as various telecommunications, travel, insurance and finance products, but also a search engine for commission free properties.

Many well-known companies have partnered with Verivox as a profitable sales channel to acquire new customers. Since its founding in 1998, Verivox has established a huge network of business partners from all product fields which we present in the following.


In April 1998, the German energy market was opened to free competition. Prior to this, all energy providers had held a monopoly for their supply area meaning that consumers could not choose between different providers. The liberalization of the market allowed the entry of various new suppliers. Today, there are on average 140 electricity and 90 gas providers for each postcode which German consumers can choose from. In total, the Verivox database contains more than 24,000 energy tariffs from over 1,200 energy providers.

Since its founding, the Verivox group has facilitated over 7,5 million supplier switches leading to an overall saving for customers of more than a billion euros.

Verivox developed the calculation tool for the tariff comparisons completely in-house. Our market development team ensures that this data is updated daily. Verivox receives the data directly from the energy providers or takes it from the providers' websites and price lists.

The German energy market is made up of different types of providers:

  • The Big Four: E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall
  • Municipal suppliers
  • Pure retail companies
  • Big Four brands
  • Municipal supplier brands
  • Other minor suppliers

Our partner network comprises 110 electricity and gas suppliers respectively; among them not only the big four companies E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall but also many municipal energy suppliers, green energy providers and regional suppliers.


The telecommunications market in Germany currently comprises more than 490 providers offering 1,300 tariffs. 75 of these telecommunications companies have partnered with Verivox to acquire new customers. We count among our partners not only the big network operators Vodafone, Telekom, E-Plus and o2 but also telecommunications discounters such as simyo, DeutschlandSIM, congstar and Tchibo.

At present, Verivox offers comparison services for DSL, mobile telephony and mobile internet.


Our customers can choose from more than 1800 savings products from over 800 banks. As for the products Call Money and Fixed-term deposit, our team developed the calculation tool for the price comparisons completely in-house. Our banking team keeps the information on rates up-to-date. Thus, our customers can make the best decision based on an up-to-the-minute rate comparison.

The calculators consider all banks whose products are available throughout Germany and conform to the Verivox admission criteria. In respect of banks we inquire, for example, whether the credit institution is listed at the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and whether the customers’ deposits are protected by the European deposit insurance. Among our partners for these products rank some of the leading private and direct banks in Europe and worldwide.


In terms of a proper car insurance policy, our customers can find their most suitable rate among 200 tariffs from over 50 providers.

Regarding the price calculator for car insurances, we cooperate with transparo by integrating their tool in our website. Transparo is a pioneer in the matter of price comparison as the company was, in 1996, the first portal offering online price comparisons for car insurances and is therefore a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Online sales partners

Online sales partners are websites which integrate not only our expert content, but also our tariff calculators. Currently, our partner network comprises more than 600 websites which range from news and popular magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations to consumer webpages on the subject of energy, telecommunications, insurance, banking and tariffs.

From the Top 15 of the German news websites with the widest coverage (according to IVW, October 2014), 7 websites are business partners of Verivox –, Spiegel Online, Focus Online, Die Welt,, and RP Online.

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