Services for Consumers

Currently, consumers can use our price comparisons for gas, electricity, various telecommunications products, finance products such as car insurance or investments and travels. Furthermore, we offer a search engine for commission free properties, both to rent and to buy.

Business customers and commercial large-scale consumers can ask for individual rates for energy and telecommunications. Furthermore, our business experts offer additional energy consultation.

However, our services for consumers don’t stop at price comparison. We at Verivox believe our customers should also find relevant information and news to form an educated opinion on their topic of interest, be it energy, telecommunications, finance, insurance or travelling.

Price Comparison

Our goal is to make complex markets clear and more transparent. The Verivox price comparison calculators for energy, telecommunications, finance, insurance and travel enable consumers to make informed decisions. The provider change via Verivox is easy, quick and comfortable and consumers can save lots of money.

Stromvergleich Comparison calculator for electricity

Our customers simply have to enter their annual electricity or gas usage (in kWh), their area code or the amount of money they want to invest or borrow. On the results screen, the tariffs are listed in order of annual cost, with the cheapest at the top. We display the rate name, the provider and any further information which might be of interest to the customer.

Customers are able to further refine and adjust their search by selecting different rate options. For electricity tariffs, for example, they can modify the payment method, contract duration and cancelation period.

When customers eventually make their choice for one provider, they can either request the change directly online or – as in the case of electricity and gas – download the application form or have it sent by e-mail or post.

News and Content

Our industry experts inform about relevant topics in the form of news, background information and guides. Thereby they ensure that our website remains the best source of market information for both our consumers and the industry itself.

The news content that appears on our website comes from a number of different sources. In addition to several feeds from renowned news agencies, we also have specialist writers for energy, telecommunications, finance, insurance and travel topics who provide daily news articles focusing on the latest market developments. Given our unprecedented range of market data, this enables us to write the most accurate and informed content anywhere in Germany. Newspapers such as BILD and FAZ as well as weekly news magazines such as Focus Money and Wirtschaftswoche regularly quote our articles.

Besides daily news, we also go to great lengths to ensure that our website is kept up to date with the most detailed and informative content as possible. We provide profiles on various suppliers, explaining who they are, what they do and where they operate.

We give detailed, step-by-step guides to the various switching processes, ensuring that customers are fully aware of how the switch will work and how long it will take. This is supported by an extensive FAQs section and glossary, which together help remove ambiguity, decipher industry jargon, and put the customer at ease. We also run feature articles on contemporary issues such as energy saving and green energy.