Services for Suppliers

Verivox offers two main services, both of which are invaluable in helping identify, attract and secure new customers.

Customer Acquisition Services

1. Multiple Acquisition Channels

Verivox offers four different customer acquisition channels. In addition to our online price comparison tools on the website, customers can also contact us by e-mail, post or phone call to our free hotline number. Our inbound call center agents at six locations respond up to 220.000 Calls per month.

Moreover, we also have a large network of online sales partners. These include fellow comparison portals such as but also news sites such as or, which use our comparison calculators on their websites.

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2. Advertising

On, providers have the possibility to draw attention to themselves and their products by placing online advertisements. Energy suppliers may even display their online banner advertising directly in the electricity or gas calculator to achieve exact targeting with regard to postcode and consumption.

On top of that, Verivox offers tools evaluating the success of advertising campaigns.

Verivox provides precise analyses concerning

  • number of banner ads per month and clicks triggered by them
  • different consumption levels
  • calculator queries on postcode levels
  • customer switching behavior in tariff calculators

Market Data

Verivox has a database containing well over 24,000 power and gas tariffs, replicating available German energy data of all providers since liberalization in 1998. Beyond our customer switching service, we also publish and sell data relating to the energy market performance. We collate information relating to regional availability of tariffs, number of households in a particular area, alteration rates of queries and customer switching data including customer characteristics and tariff preferences. Custom-generated maps aid visualization of the data. We are therefore well positioned to provide an overview of past and current market activity. Energy suppliers may use this data to identify desired clienteles and profitable sales areas as well as define appropriate tariff characteristics.